vrijdag 4 maart 2011


Hell yes!

My weekend started 3 hours earlier then normal!
There was no more work to do for me because I worked like a horse in the morning!

Just went to the car yard and found a old Ford Escort from the year 1994!
I still needed a headlight for mine so I clicked it off and went back to the person who owned the yard..
Conclusion came to 15 euro's! (thing costs €50 at the dealer)!

Replaced it in 10 minutes, works and looks good aswell!

I'll soon get myself a Renault Laguna front spoiler (It's the small lip under the bumper) and place it on my escort!

I've seen some examples of how it looks.
And I can tell you, it looks NICE!

The only thing I'm not so happy about is the drilling in my front bumper..

Anyone knows if it could get rusty if I settle it with normal bolts?

Going to relax now with a beer and the sunshine :D!

Summer here we come!

donderdag 3 maart 2011

What have you done today?

I've been working my ass off the whole morning!
After lunch I had to start cleaning the cars we drive in, replacing used construction equipment and added new ones to the ones which were missing..

Braincracking day!

What have you been up to?