vrijdag 4 maart 2011


Hell yes!

My weekend started 3 hours earlier then normal!
There was no more work to do for me because I worked like a horse in the morning!

Just went to the car yard and found a old Ford Escort from the year 1994!
I still needed a headlight for mine so I clicked it off and went back to the person who owned the yard..
Conclusion came to 15 euro's! (thing costs €50 at the dealer)!

Replaced it in 10 minutes, works and looks good aswell!

I'll soon get myself a Renault Laguna front spoiler (It's the small lip under the bumper) and place it on my escort!

I've seen some examples of how it looks.
And I can tell you, it looks NICE!

The only thing I'm not so happy about is the drilling in my front bumper..

Anyone knows if it could get rusty if I settle it with normal bolts?

Going to relax now with a beer and the sunshine :D!

Summer here we come!

donderdag 3 maart 2011

What have you done today?

I've been working my ass off the whole morning!
After lunch I had to start cleaning the cars we drive in, replacing used construction equipment and added new ones to the ones which were missing..

Braincracking day!

What have you been up to?

vrijdag 25 februari 2011

My sport, My life, My addiction!

As I've got the flue I'm not about to type alot today..
Been sick for a few days now, hoping to recover soon!

Here are some movies i've been watching trough out the days.

Chris Haffey's  -  Fade Nation section.


Franky Morales - M1 profile.


Julian bah, I'm back edit.


Probally the best movie coming out in 2011.


Best movie ever, gives a good impression of the sport and the feeling you get from your friends!

Hope you people like it!

zondag 20 februari 2011

Looking down towards tomorrow..

I have no idea where to start with this blog-message..

I think I'll start with a movie of some skating http://vimeo.com/20159958..

This weekend I woke up very early, even when I didn't had to.
I got awake at 6 in the morning while I could have rested for a whole day!
But before you know, you are on the internet reading the news and playing some games with a cup of coffee and a breakfast..

Then I got a pop-up from a friend, he messaged me if i'd like to go skating that very same day.
I did, called some other friends and we went to the nearest indoor park around town! (still as tired as I was).
Literally the first trick I tried to do, I miss totally!
Next thing I know I landed on my hip which caused a fine black and blue spot! (whatever, I can live with that)!
I stood up and continue'd, we started skating for a bit but i fell on the same spot AGAIN!
As most of the ppl might know, falling on a black and blue spot TWICE, hurths like hell..
But after some rest I started skating around a bit, filmed some tricks we did and it was all nice for now.

The next day a friend of mine called me up saying "yo, I was just about to go out and shoot some pics, wanna skate a bit and shoot some?"
Offcourse i was up for that!

After a few tricks I totally missed the ledge and fell on my back, causing my head to bump on the ground! (ahh damnit)!

Stood up again and continue'd like a Die Hard!
Not even 5 tricks later, I fell so damn stupid and landed on my damn hip again! ($#%^$#^$#^#$&%)

All with all, my weekend was cool, but I have to work tomorrow at 6..
Guess I will be walking around as a zombie!

I want more followers on my blog people!
I will follow you back aswell!

vrijdag 18 februari 2011


I'm a typical 9 to 5 system boy, I do my best to keep my boss happy and I try to get along with everyone just fine but I will always try to find a way to shit on this system we live in.
*sings* "I was born in a system, that doesn't givehhh a $#%& about you, nor me, nor the lies"!

Can you call me a Anarchist?

To do list:

Get born, and you start crying already.. (you know it was lots better inside your mommy's tummy).
Parents place you on school..At this point you can still play, but you won't remember this anyways when you pass puberty.
After that, you will be filled with information which is "important" to know.
You will go to highschool.. (yaay, new friends, relaxed life)..
Wrong guess, more "important info" that you need to get a job.
You'r now done with your school and you will get a job.. (long live the free life and money)..
Wrong guess again, you start giving away 80% of your income to the goverment..
Legal robbery?
When you are around the age of 60 and you are still alive(surprise!), the government wants you to die.
You can now enjoy your old life and live happily ever after..
You'r 60, you got bad knee's and a bad ass backproblem.. (but you better enjoy! cause you worked for it!)

Guess i don't like the way it's shut these days :)

For the people that think "ahh another uneducated idiot which is to lazy to get a job", Read the cursive // underlined letters :)

Anyone else is with me on this?
Or do I only have systemkids on my blog :O?!

donderdag 17 februari 2011

Cars are expensive things..

Had to get my car for her yearly tests which will tell if it's still streetworthy or not..
All in all, the car nearly fell apart..
Crackshaft wasn't being protected by a rubber which makes sure dirt can't get there.
Right rear wheel didn't have enough profile on it.
Both back wheels replaced. (goes in pairs).
Right front light was full of moister.
Replaced. (goes in pairs)
Back trunk didn't close.
Minor fix in the lock.
Numberplate light didn't work aswell.
All these repairs together costed more then my car did..
Total spend inclusive buying of the car / radio / new breaks and these repairs, 1150 euro's..
Is it worth it?

I think it is, cause i won't find a descent car for that amount of money in the netherlands.

Anyone else had similair problems with car repairs which cost more then the car itselve?
Reply and don't forget to add me as a friend people!


maandag 14 februari 2011

Valentines day..

Most stupid day ever..

If you truly love someone, you show it to him or her every day.
Not just one day in a year...

Gladd i'm not engaged or in a relation ship at this moment cause i'm bad at days like these..
Girls always hoping to get 700 red roses with just 1 white rose, RIGHT in the bloody middle of 'm all.
And when you scream, "SURPRISE!" they are about to faint or suddenly start hugging you saying they love you and stuff..

I'd much rather give my girl a extra hug and a nice night to enjoy instead of 701 roses in which my place doesn't even have enough space for...

All with all, valentines day is stupid, it should be valentines day EVERYDAY!