maandag 14 februari 2011

Valentines day..

Most stupid day ever..

If you truly love someone, you show it to him or her every day.
Not just one day in a year...

Gladd i'm not engaged or in a relation ship at this moment cause i'm bad at days like these..
Girls always hoping to get 700 red roses with just 1 white rose, RIGHT in the bloody middle of 'm all.
And when you scream, "SURPRISE!" they are about to faint or suddenly start hugging you saying they love you and stuff..

I'd much rather give my girl a extra hug and a nice night to enjoy instead of 701 roses in which my place doesn't even have enough space for...

All with all, valentines day is stupid, it should be valentines day EVERYDAY!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. totally agree with you dude, it's just an excuse for merchants to seel their heart-shaped stuff, chocolate, roses etc. Between two partners, every day should be valentine

  2. got my wife a gold dipped rose, was only 50 bucks. safe for a year :D