donderdag 17 februari 2011

Cars are expensive things..

Had to get my car for her yearly tests which will tell if it's still streetworthy or not..
All in all, the car nearly fell apart..
Crackshaft wasn't being protected by a rubber which makes sure dirt can't get there.
Right rear wheel didn't have enough profile on it.
Both back wheels replaced. (goes in pairs).
Right front light was full of moister.
Replaced. (goes in pairs)
Back trunk didn't close.
Minor fix in the lock.
Numberplate light didn't work aswell.
All these repairs together costed more then my car did..
Total spend inclusive buying of the car / radio / new breaks and these repairs, 1150 euro's..
Is it worth it?

I think it is, cause i won't find a descent car for that amount of money in the netherlands.

Anyone else had similair problems with car repairs which cost more then the car itselve?
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  1. Well my mother always had clutch problems that made her car fail on those tests, but she knows a mechanic that could always tweek em just so she could slide through those tests without having to pay massive amounts of money.

  2. But this still means her clutch is crap! :P
    And, If i reply to that, woman can't drive cars without screwing either the car, or the surrounding people on the roads..
    Would that make me a sexist?

  3. Hi.

    of course I don't mind you following me. :) I'll follow you back, if that's alright.

  4. learn to fix minor things yourself, most repairs are very easy to do.

  5. tairibs + tape = win
    that will do the trick

  6. Cars are expensive //:
    I wish we could just teleport :p