vrijdag 18 februari 2011


I'm a typical 9 to 5 system boy, I do my best to keep my boss happy and I try to get along with everyone just fine but I will always try to find a way to shit on this system we live in.
*sings* "I was born in a system, that doesn't givehhh a $#%& about you, nor me, nor the lies"!

Can you call me a Anarchist?

To do list:

Get born, and you start crying already.. (you know it was lots better inside your mommy's tummy).
Parents place you on school..At this point you can still play, but you won't remember this anyways when you pass puberty.
After that, you will be filled with information which is "important" to know.
You will go to highschool.. (yaay, new friends, relaxed life)..
Wrong guess, more "important info" that you need to get a job.
You'r now done with your school and you will get a job.. (long live the free life and money)..
Wrong guess again, you start giving away 80% of your income to the goverment..
Legal robbery?
When you are around the age of 60 and you are still alive(surprise!), the government wants you to die.
You can now enjoy your old life and live happily ever after..
You'r 60, you got bad knee's and a bad ass backproblem.. (but you better enjoy! cause you worked for it!)

Guess i don't like the way it's shut these days :)

For the people that think "ahh another uneducated idiot which is to lazy to get a job", Read the cursive // underlined letters :)

Anyone else is with me on this?
Or do I only have systemkids on my blog :O?!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I totally agree with you, but there isnt a lot to change, the world has been cycling like that for decades, if we wanna make a change we have to take a stand.

  2. Banksy fitted in perfectly witht his post in my opinion.

    Those who do not know about banksy, should now look it up.

  3. Depressing. :( True, but depressing. I don't wanna do this with my life.