zondag 20 februari 2011

Looking down towards tomorrow..

I have no idea where to start with this blog-message..

I think I'll start with a movie of some skating http://vimeo.com/20159958..

This weekend I woke up very early, even when I didn't had to.
I got awake at 6 in the morning while I could have rested for a whole day!
But before you know, you are on the internet reading the news and playing some games with a cup of coffee and a breakfast..

Then I got a pop-up from a friend, he messaged me if i'd like to go skating that very same day.
I did, called some other friends and we went to the nearest indoor park around town! (still as tired as I was).
Literally the first trick I tried to do, I miss totally!
Next thing I know I landed on my hip which caused a fine black and blue spot! (whatever, I can live with that)!
I stood up and continue'd, we started skating for a bit but i fell on the same spot AGAIN!
As most of the ppl might know, falling on a black and blue spot TWICE, hurths like hell..
But after some rest I started skating around a bit, filmed some tricks we did and it was all nice for now.

The next day a friend of mine called me up saying "yo, I was just about to go out and shoot some pics, wanna skate a bit and shoot some?"
Offcourse i was up for that!

After a few tricks I totally missed the ledge and fell on my back, causing my head to bump on the ground! (ahh damnit)!

Stood up again and continue'd like a Die Hard!
Not even 5 tricks later, I fell so damn stupid and landed on my damn hip again! ($#%^$#^$#^#$&%)

All with all, my weekend was cool, but I have to work tomorrow at 6..
Guess I will be walking around as a zombie!

I want more followers on my blog people!
I will follow you back aswell!

18 opmerkingen:

  1. Falling on a black and blue spot hurts like hell. >-<

  2. haha, you know how it goes!
    Hardheaded idiot as I am.. -.-

    I think I will never learn it..

  3. Don't skate dude, you can brake your assbone.

  4. You mean your tailbone?
    I broke it twice already :/

    PS. you won't get blind from it, it's a fairytale!

  5. I like this blog, i think it will be fun to read, we'll see

    P.S. Captcha (word verification) is enabled

  6. Ive never broken my tailbone, but ive broken other peoples :D

  7. I can't skate worth crap! God luck to you though. New follower so I can see the broken bones lol!

  8. I used to skate all the time, but I don't have any time for it anymore. Have fun!

  9. i also used to skate... the last time was like 4 years ago. one of those days i gotta skate again... :)

  10. sounds like a good weekend. use a helmet.

  11. be careful with those hips, have fun skating but don't push it too hard.

  12. Ever thought of filming yourself and putting the material onto your blog?

  13. I did, take a look at the vimeo link Ahy :)

    Thnx for the replies :D!

  14. Geez, amazed you're not injured. Nice vid.